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About Zero2 Wireless

Zero2 Wireless has a unique understanding of customer requirements, combined with the technical guidance from the founder, with 20 years experience in management and marketing.


Our Mission is to improve our customers’ quality of life, by providing reliable wireless communication through state-of-the-art network that connects consumers, businesses, and their devices to rural communities. 
We are committed to providing cutting-edge wireless technology to increase productivity and exceed the customer's expectations, thus creating financial growth and opportunities for our customers, employees, and businesses.

Our Vision is to provide a solid infrastructure for high speed internet throughout the Texas Hill Country, by offering hard-to-reach communities a secure platform.
We provide high-speed internet service to Granite Shoals, Kingsland, Highland Haven and West Marble Falls. We perform free site surveys, to establish signal strength. Zero2 Wireless a local company with a fiber backbone and we provide internet speeds that local competitors can't.


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Types of Internet and How They Affect Your Speed

Zero2 Wireless Granite Shoals Texas

Fixed-wireless internet service is delivered using transmitters to send and receive wireless internet signals directly from one point to another. These transmitters are affixed to stationary (fixed) objects—like poles, buildings, or towers—at strategic locations, combining to create a wireless network. Fixed-wireless internet service providers (ISPs) often fill the gaps between internet providers’ service areas and extend high-speed connections into more rural areas.

Fiber internet is the fastest widely available internet technology. It uses fiber-optic cables, which are capable of transmitting large amounts of information quickly. While fiber is fast, it isn't available in as many areas as other types of internet. Much of the limitation in its availability stems from the high cost of creating its network infrastructure.

Cable internet uses the same types of cables that transmit cable TV services. It has the broadband capability and thus can reach high speeds. It is usually available through current or former cable TV providers in the respective areas.

DSL, short for Digital Subscriber Line, uses a connection that looks similar to a phone line, but the wiring inside is different and allows for broadband transmission. This makes DSL much faster than dial-up. Current or former telephone companies that also provide internet service often use this technology, and it is usually available throughout their services.

Satellite internet is delivered wirelessly to the receiver, but it still requires wires to transport the signal from the receiver to different locations throughout the building. Because it's wireless, it's available almost anywhere in the United States. Satellite internet has bandwidth comparable to DSL and cable but can often feel slower due to latency.

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Zero2 Wireless Granite Shoals Texas
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