Unlimited Data

Library Tutor

Basic Plan

$75 + Installation

Our Basic Plan offers 25 Mbps, so everyone can watch movies or use the internet- at the same time! Consistent, reliable and secure.


  • Video Streaming

  • Email

  • Web Browsing

Great for small families, retirees or internet minimalists!

Working from Home

Enhanced Plan

$125 + Installation

Our Enhanced Plan offers 50 Mbps, this ensures that each member of your household can stream at anytime with all your devices. Expert internet service with surpassing speed and lower latency. 


  • HD Streaming

  • Gaming

  • Bulk Data Downloads

Highly recommended for when working from home, remote learning, and consistent entertainment!

Local Business Manager

Premium Plan

$225 + Installation *

Our Premium Plan offers 100 Mbps, it successfully meets your business' demands, dependable for all devices and surpassing your expectations. 


  • Multiple 4k HD Streaming Devices

  • Pro-Gaming

  • Bulk Data Downloads

  • Video Conferencing

  • Cloud Computing

Exclusively for small business owners, competitive gaming, and the ultimate internet user!

* This package is limited to select areas & is very limited depending on location & strength of the line of sight connection!


Installation Cost



  • Multiple Family Home

  • Mobile Home

  • Pre-Existing Equipment

  • Clear Line Of Sight

  • 2 Hours Max Installation Time

* Cost for additional labor $50/hr


$300 - $500

  • Homes Larger than 4000 Sq. Ft.

  • Multiple Structures On Property

  • Obstructed Line of Sight

  • Extra Router(s)

  • Additional Mount or Pole

  • Guy Wires & Cable

  • 4 Hours Installation Time

* Cost for additional labor $50/hr


$600 +

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