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 IMPORTANT NOTICE:Zero2 Wireless participates in the ACP program, please click here for more info.

Monthly Service Plans

Monthly Service Plans
Zero2 Wireless
Zero2 Wireless Enhanced Plan
Zero2 Wireless Premium Plan
Zero2 Wireless Basic Plan

Installation Cost

Installation Cost



  • Multiple Family Home

  • Mobile Home

  • Pre-Existing Equipment

  • Clear Line Of Sight

  • 2 Hours Max Installation Time

* Cost for additional labor $50/hr


$300 - $500

  • Homes Larger than 4000 Sq. Ft.

  • Multiple Structures On Property

  • Obstructed Line of Sight

  • Extra Router(s)

  • Additional Mount or Pole

  • Guy Wires & Cable

  • 4 Hours Installation Time

* Cost for additional labor $50/hr

Terms & Conditions

Initial Service Cost:

  • Non-refundable deposit the day of installation.

  • Within 7 days after a successful installation:

    • Remaining balance for the installation cost plus the service plan you choose will be collected 7 days after a successful installation has been performed.

    • Prorated costs will apply for the first month's billing, according to the installation date.

    • Each month following the installation, the cost of the full monthly service plan will be applied.

  • Service bills will be emailed to each client 5 days before payment is due.

  • Payments are due on the 1st of every month.

  • Cancellation must be reported 10 days before payment is due to avoid full monthly service charge.

Homes with Pre-existing Zero2 Wireless Equipment:

  • New residents may request service, with $100 activation fee plus monthly service plan of clients choice.

Delinquency Fees:

  • Payments Not Made by the 6th of Each Month will be charged a $10 late fee.

  • Service will be Deactivated by the 16th of Each Month unless payment is made in full.

  • Each account that is deactivated due to delinquency has the option to keep services, only when payments are made in full, also an additional $25 reactivation fee will be applied.

  • If no payment is made, and the account is not reactivated within 15 days, Zero2 will remove all equipment from the premises. If a client wants to reactivate the account after the equipment has been removed, the standard installation fee will be required.

  • Payments by check or credit card which is later returned or refused is not considered paid in a timely manner and may result in delinquency. A fee of up to $35 applies for all returns of refused payments.


     Are obtained through promotions, outages of more than 4 days, overpayment, and/or at the discretion of Zero2 Wireless. All credits have no cash value and can ONLY be applied to clients’ bills.

  • Clients who have active autopay, all given credits will be immediately applied to their account.

  • All other customers will need to refer to their invoice to apply given credits to current or future bills.

Terms & Conditions
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