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Is Zero2 Wireless Network Down? Alternative Internet Suggestions

  • Use your smartphone - switch off WIFI and use mobile data

  • Mobile hotspot - if your data plan includes this. 

  • Use free public WIFI

Router Troubleshooting

Questions & Answers

Why is my internet down?

  • Common reasons why:

  • Equipment malfunctions

  • Website or app you are using is down. Check here!

  • Zero2 Wireless is experiencing an outage. This may include standard maintenance, bad weather, or a power outage.

Will equipment damage due to bad weather cost me?

  • Any internal or external devices used during initial installation will be replaced at no cost to the customer.

How will internet outages effect my my monthly bill?

  • A long network outage prolonging more than 4 days will be prorated and deducted from your current bill. During this event, any additional concerns can be directed to (830) 800-0234